Meet your JCC I Director, Christopher Choi!

Christopher Choi is the co-director of the Joint Crisis Committee for UCMUN XX. He is a UConn junior double majoring in materials science and engineering (MSE) and history. He has been a staffer at UCMUN for almost three years, (having previously served as assistant director and topic specialist for the HCC during UCMUN XVIII and UCMUN XIX, respectively) and attended the UCMUN conference as a delegate thrice during his time as a high schooler. His enthusiasm for historical topics has predisposed him for work in the JCC, and he is looking forward to UCMUN 2018. Please email him with any questions at


Meet your JCC I Topic Specialist, Rohit Kandala!

Rohit is a senior currently majoring in history and minoring in both philosophy and communications. This is his third year participating in UCMUN, and he’s previously been the topic specialist of UNHRC and DISEC. Outside of UCMUN, Rohit has spent a semester abroad in Athens, Greece, done multiple research projects, and interned for a technology start-up based in India (ask him all about it!). In his free time, Rohit likes to read, write, travel, and listen to music whenever he can. He is quite excited to be Assistant Director of Education and JCC’s Topic Specialist and hopes to make the conference unforgettable. Feel free to reach out to him at


Meet your JCC II Director, Maura Goss!

Maura is a sophomore currently double majoring in political science and Spanish. This is her second year on the staff of UCMUN, and fifth year participating in Model UN.  Along with UCMUN, Maura is a competitive delegate on UConn’s Travel Model UN team, as well as a member of the National High School Model UN staff. Outside of the Model UN realm, she is the Vice President of Risk Management for her sorority Alpha Chi Omega. In her free time, Maura enjoys running, creating fire pinterest boards, and rewatching The Office. Some of her passions include vine compilation videos and mac and cheese. She is very excited to be one of the directors of the JCC and cannot wait to work with the delegates in the fall! Please reach out to her with any questions at


Meet your JCC II Topic Specialist, Scott Masciandaro!

Scott is the topic specialist for the JCC for UCMUN XX. He is a UConn senior history major. Last conference he was an assistant director for HCC, so this is his second year serving as an UCMUN staff member. He attended UCMUN throughout high school, and is excited to work on another historical committee. Scott encourages delegates to to contact him with any questions or concerns at



Topic: English Succession Crisis

The year is 1558 C.E. and Queen Mary I of England has fallen ill, and having been unable to bear a child, names her half-sister Elizabeth I her heir much to her disdain. Elizabeth I is the child of the late King Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Due to the annulment of her parents’ marriage, as well as her Protestant faith, Elizabeth is deemed illegitimate in the eyes of the Catholic faith, and her ascension to the English throne has disgruntled Church officials in the Vatican as well as Catholic nobles at home. According to traditionally-held canons of succession, the true heir to the English throne is Mary, Queen of Scots, a devout Catholic, and great niece of King Henry VII of England. The controversy surrounding the English throne will persist as long as both Queens with claims to the throne are alive. Thus, the privy councils of Mary, Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I strategize amongst themselves in order to hold the English crown.