Spring 2019 Reflections

We had a great spring semester preparing for UCMUN XXI with our secretariat, directors and topic specialists! See what some of them had to say about their experience in UCMUN this semester:

“I really enjoyed researching my topic. I learned so much about the world I assumed was opposite and it gave me a different perspective of the world.”

“This was my first semester as a topic specialist, and I was able to learn a lot from it. The topics that I researched were on vaccines as well as perinatal mortality rates. Especially with vaccines, which is such a pertinent issue right now, I was able to form a much more informed opinion about vaccinations, and I got to see it in more of a worldly perspective. I also met a lot of people this semester and worked on my public speaking skills among peers, which was a lot of fun!”

“I really loved the mock debates between directors this year, they were always really fun and I feel like people shared a lot about themselves.”

“I really enjoyed how we used parliamentary procedure to debate on which fast food restaurant was better: McDonald's or Wendy's. Through debate, we were able to determine McDonald's was better for their greater nuggies and cheaper menu.”

“Amazing experience with amazing people all working tirelessly to make sure UCMUN XXI is the best yet. That is all I got to say...”

“The Zombie Apocalypse presentation was by far the funniest presentation I have ever had to present. Thank you to Ilinca, Anika and Sean Spicer for the laughs!”

“Jackson’s sense of humor made every Thursday fun.”

“I loved all the new friends I made!”

“(I) like the people (I) work with, they're hard working and engaged with what they do and very funny, that there was a structure and we work while still enjoying the process and journey to being good specialists.”

“Overall meme usage in presentations. This group knows memes and I love it.”

“The Harry Potter Debate”

“Potato debate”

“All of the new directors are really cool and what a squad that’s all I’ll say.”

“This group will always be like family to me, and walking into every meeting and seeing everyone just makes my week so much better.”

“My UCMUN experience this spring was really the development of a new community. I really liked how close everyone got through the meetings and the ice breakers. I truly felt like I had a place that I could fit in and a group of people I could depend on.”

“I've loved working as a team and can't wait to put on an awesome conference in the fall with everyone!”

“I'm glad I took this position. It has allowed me to see all aspects of 3 credit staff, directors, topic specialists, and exec. I have seen the most personal growth this UCMUN election cycle so far and I hope it continues.”

“This semester I was completing an internship in Washington, D.C. so I was not able to attend any UCMUN meetings, nor be very involved. However, even though I was away I was still able to hang out with current and former members of UCMUN that currently live in DC or who were visiting. I was not able to be very active in UCMUN this semester but UCMUN was still able to be a part of my life because of the awesome friends I have made in this organization!”