Delegate Activity


After three long committee sessions full of substantive debate, UCMUN ended its second day with a special delegate activity. Delegates had the opportunity to send candy grams to their directors, fellow students, and new friends. Then, some delegates tested their knowledge by facing off in a game of trivia, and others watched City of Joy, a documentary about human rights.

The favorite event of the evening was the service activity. Delegates and staff worked together to make blankets, which will be sent to patients at Connecticut Children's Medical Center. By guiding delegates in research and debate on global issues, we aim to foster international awareness, while encouraging students to consider how they can affect people all across the world. However, we chose this activity to remind delegates that we have the power and responsibility to engage in our local communities as well.

We had a great time unwinding at the delegate activity this evening, and we hope that all the delegates had as much fun as we did!

Gabriella DeBenedictis