Meet your Director, Elizabeth Mulligan!

Elizabeth is a sophomore at UConn and is currently in the ACES program. By the time you are reading this, she may have declared a major. This is her second conference with UCMUN, but her first time holding a director position. Last year she served as a substantive assistant director for UNEP. Elizabeth is also a part of the organization CHAARG at UConn. During the summer, she enjoys working as a lifeguard at Six Flags New England. Throughout the school year, she is almost always found at Starbucks studying with a pink drink. Her hobbies include playing piano, working out, binge watching shows on Netflix, and taking naps. She can’t wait to meet you all at this upcoming conference! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t shy away from emailing her at elizabeth.mulligan@uconn.edu.


Meet your Topic Specialist, Mika Stetson!

Mika is a sophomore pursuing a political science degree, and this is her second year with UCMUN. Previously, she was the Administrative Assistant director for UNESCO. Outside of activities and studies involving political science and government, Mika enjoys singing, listening to music, and watching Law and Order SVU. She is also an avid participant in Drum Corps International with 7th Regiment and Winter Guard International with Spirit Winter Percussion. Mika is very excited to be the Topic Specialist for the ILC this semester and looks forward to meeting everybody! If you have any questions or concerns please email her at mika.stetson@uconn.edu.


Topic A: Nations and their Relationships with their Territories

Many countries within the United Nations have territories, which are lands held under the jurisdiction of a state without their residents having the full rights of a citizen in that country. This has begun to cause many concerns. Some of these concerns involve the territories’ lack of rights or the countries’ wrongful treatment and use of the territory. Territories have relatively large populations and each resident is affected by the relationship they have with their home country. If the nations want to keep strong relationships with their territories, they must have a goal to unite in discussing change to the international laws and regulations the lands face. The ILC believes the United Nations have the power together to strengthen these relationships.

Topic B: Detention Camps

The number of detention camps has increased in recent years. A detention camp is a temporary holding place for those suspected of things such as visa violations and/or illegal entry into a country. It is becoming questioned how temporary and humane these International Holding Camps are. The ILC wants to bring the United Nations together to discuss how to take action. They should question the necessity of the camps and discuss the age range of those detained. They also can make recommendations to each other on the human rights aspect of this topic, to ensure there are no violations of people’s safety and/or rights. The ILC has a goal to find one united stance on this topic by establishing international laws and rules to abide by.